City Council Passes Sunset Park Rezoning Plan

Protestor outside City Hall

Protestor outside City Hall

The City Council on Wednesday passed a rezoning plan for Sunset Park, Brooklyn that will for the first time set height limits and commercial overlay in the south Brooklyn neighborhood. Supporters say that the rezoning will boost commerce help preserve the character of the 128 blocks included in the plan.

Residents gathered to protest outside City Hall on Wednesday believe the plan will encourage chain stores and luxury-condo developers to move in, and push long-term residents and small businesses out. The Sunset Park Alliance of Neighbors (SPAN) held a press conference on the steps of City Hall. SPAN, along with several local churches and community organizations, has filed litigation alleging that the city did not do a sufficiently evaluate the effect of the rezoning on the neighborhood.

The plan goes into effect immediately. Structures with incomplete foundations will fall under the new rules. Those with finished foundations will be grandfathered in.

Stay tuned. More to come shortly…

Past reporting on the rezoning:


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