For the Record: A New Sunset Park Chronicled Column

“For the Record” is  a new section of Sunset Park Chronicled. It will look into details from other news stories to provide more information and clarify reporting on Sunset Park. Did you read something about Sunset Park that seemed unclear? Send a message to, and the Chron will do its best to find out more. Disagree with something you find here? Leave a comment, for the record.



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4 responses to “For the Record: A New Sunset Park Chronicled Column

  1. ST

    while this blog’s title leads one to expect news, etc. exclusively about Sunset Park, there’s coverage about other, albeit nearby, neighborhoods. might we suggest: Southwest Brooklyn Chronicled as a ore accurate title, should coverage continue to reflect the larger area?

    • I understand your point, and the intention is to have it be exclusively on Sunset Park. The Garden piece was a slight departure, but I included it because it’s technically within the bounds of the Community District. Thanks for your comment and please check back soon for more on Sunset Park proper.

  2. Big Hazel

    I love the idea for this column! I will keep my eyes peeled for reporting that should be expanded.

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