Rezoning Press Release from Councilwoman González

For those who are interested, find a press release by Councilwoman Sara González on the recent passage of the Sunset Park Rezoning Plan below:

Councilwoman Sara González, photo provided by M. Schweinsburg

Councilwoman Sara González, photo provided by M. Schweinsburg


With extensive input from the local Community Board, elected officials, and local residents, the City Council voted to rezone 128 blocks in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park neighborhood. This large-scale rezoning strives to preserve and protect neighborhood character and scale by implementing new height limits throughout the neighborhood, to create opportunities and incentives for affordable housing through the use of inclusionary zoning, and to support local retail corridors while protecting the residential character of nearby side streets.

“I would like to congratulate Council Member Sara González and Community Board 7 for their tireless efforts to bring us to this day,” said Land Use Committee Chair Melinda Katz. “The Sunset Park rezoning successfully evolved because, from the beginning of the process, community members were closely involved in negotiations with the Department of City Planning. This rezoning will preserve the residential character and scale of the neighborhood by placing height limits throughout the area, and will create opportunities and incentives for affordable housing and an increase in local retail.”

“I would like the Administration, the Speaker, and Committee Chair Katz and Subcommittee Chair Avella for their hard work on this very important and very critical rezoning,” said Council Member Sara M. González. “Local residents and all the community groups of Sunset Park should be proud of all their diligent work addressing concerns over new non-contextual development in Sunset Park. I commend Brad Lander and the prestigious Pratt Center for Community Development for matching the funding I put forth to conduct an independent analysis and develop a series of three widely attended workshops to first fully explain the rezoning process and then seek community input from a wide array of Sunset Park residents. I am encouraged by the Administration’s commitment to not only provide affordable housing incentives but also to provide the necessary resources to form an anti-displacement task force so that our neighbors can continue to call Sunset Park their home.”


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