Sunset Park Sustenance: Where to Eat

Eats from Sunset Park surfaced all over the blogosphere today.

The Village Voice touted the El Comal’s huarache with chorizo, which you can find at 4711 Fifth Ave. Food bloggers Lauren Rothman and Kiera Feldman went big at the Huffington Post. Their eating club, which they chronicle in their MTA Dining Car column, hit up 5th Ave at 45th St for Tacos Xochimilco and Tacos Matamoros, Ricos Tacos a bit south on 51st, and evenĀ  at Ines 24-hour Bakery on 4th Avenue and 36th Street.

Agree? Think they got it wrong? Say your piece in a comment…



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5 responses to “Sunset Park Sustenance: Where to Eat

  1. About the Voice’s El Comal article: It’s late, so that’s my excuse, but I don’t get the headline. Is it supposed to be about patting MASA, or is there something about MESA that is involved in the restaurant? I’m so confused.

  2. I know. I scratched my head for a minute there too, and then decided they just misspelled masa.

  3. Though maybe they thought the tacos so delish it was like an invite, patting the mesa? Possibilities abound.

  4. Carol

    Tacos Matamorros is GREAT!!!! i loved their chorizo ones

    • I tried it out–and thought it was great too. The place was packed on a Sunday night with locals, and the price is right… Small tacos between 1-1.25, large 2.50.

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