Sunset Park Sustenance: Pastelillas

On weekends, among the ice-cream ladies and grilling corn, Maguel Asevedo and Antonio Rosa man the pastelilla stand outside the Citibank on 5th Avenue and 54th Street in Sunset Park.

A steady stream of customers stopped by on a recent sunny Sunday to pick up one, or a few, freshly fried pastelillas. Cheese, chicken, steak, and cheese with bacalao (salt cod) go for a dollar. “El mas rico” according to Asevedo, is the shrimp. That will cost you double.

The stand makes between 60 and 70 of the savory turnovers per day. “Not enough!” according to Rosa. They started up in Sunset Park just this summer. Winter is coming, and Rosa says they will see how it goes. As long as people line up, the pair will show up on their corner to fold orange dough, and fry up a pastelilla for the passersby in Sunset Park.


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  1. i want the bacalao one.

    ❤ you site.

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