The Mapping Project: Duane Reade Settles in Sunset Park

This is the first in a series of posts that will use maps, graphs, and other web visualizations to take a look at what’s happening in the neighborhood. Curious about something? Have a question about the neighborhood you’d like to see drawn out? Shoot an email, or leave a comment.

Picture 1

View Sunset Park Pharmacies in a larger map

Duane Reade has made its debut, and now settled into its shiny plate-glass storefront on 5th Ave. Best View in Brooklyn gives a great description of the space, and a resident’s viewpoint on how it compares in price and feel to longer term spots like Ike’s Party Party and the Mini Max.

“I wonder what’s gonna happen to all the little mom and pops,” said local Stacy Mosher, who said she has gone out of her way to shop elsewhere.

Many small local pharmacies call 5th Avenue home. It’s still too early to gauge how the little guys will fare against large New York City chain. People often assume that with a large market, Duane Reade can offer more for less, but it appears with prescriptions,  big chains don’t always mean low prices.

In addition its pharmacy and drug store products, the Duane Reade sells grocery items.

In addition its pharmacy and drug store products, the Duane Reade sells grocery items.

The Sunset Park Rezoning Plan passed by the City Council in September opens the door for larger stores on several blocks of 5th Avenue, with mixed reactions from locals. Some worry that the visual character of the neighborhood will slide; others fear that the chains will push out the little guys. The plan’s supporters feel that it will pave the way to positive economic development in the area.

Stacy Mosher remains torn. “On the one hand, you think ‘Oh that means that sunset park is really coming along,'” Mosher said. “But you feel sorry for all the mom and pops that have toughed it out for all these years.

The map pictured above, which you can access here, shows the Duane Reade in red and other local pharmacies (including the Rite Aid chain) in blue. It offers a way to track, over time, any closures in local pharmacies, as well as new ones that open.

Have any favorite pharmacies? Know some that have great deals or service? Have you found that Duane Reade provides better deals? Leave a comment. Also, feel free to note any missing pharmacies, or those no longer in business. The map is still in its Beta stage.



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7 responses to “The Mapping Project: Duane Reade Settles in Sunset Park

  1. I like my corner pharmacy for prescriptions. They started opening on Sundays, which makes it a lot easier to pick up. They know me by name, which is always nice as well.

    For a specific example: Duane Reade has insane prices for diapers. More than Key Food, BabiesRUs, or anywhere else I’ve seen. I was going to use the $5 coupon they’ve been handing out to buy some, but it was still more than anywhere else. I ended up buying a gallon of milk; that was cheaper than anything else.

    I’ll only be going there when everything else is closed and I’m desperate.

  2. Heidi

    I get my prescriptions at Parker and Megna, on the corner of 52nd and 5th. They are very friendly, and have gone out of their way to help me by advancing me a few pills when I went away this summer for more than a month and would have run out of my medication. I doubt that Duane Reade or Rite Aid would have done that.

    I’m not sure how another drugstore (or bank) indicates that Sunset Park is really coming along. We’re a little overloaded with both. If we’re getting chains, how about a Connecticut Muffin?

    • A few people I spoke with today made a similar comment about the banks, and added cell phone shops. Others feel that Verizon and Duane Reade would not have come to the neighborhood five or ten years ago, and it’s a sign larger companies are willing to invest in Sunset Park.

      Sounds like Parker and Magna cultivated a good relationship with you. I’ve added a link to their directory listing in case others are interested.

  3. jrbspice

    Hey Lisa! Lovin the blog so far! I added you to my blogroll 🙂 Check out my Boerum Hill blog: I’d be honored if you added me. Also, have you considered buying just and rerouting traffic there? My friend is showing me how to do it shortly. I’m obsessed with maps and loving this one. . .keep it up!

    • Love me a map too! I’m trying to think up different uses. There are also some great visualization sights (graphs, charts, etc) that I’m hoping to make use of.

  4. We like the VLS at the corner of 44th and 5th. Up the little guys!

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