Update: Sunset Park Stabbing

As some of you may have seen, the Village Voice covered last week’s stabbing. The Post also followed up.

Here’s what they had to add:

Since nearly all of what I added earlier was riddled with factual error, I’ve added a new post with a proper update. I’ve left the information below in case readers want to take a look at the problem with aggregating news without reporting. Guilty.

On Sunday, October 4, at 10:34 pm, a stabbing killed a 25-year-old and injured two others, said the Voice. The incident occurred outside the Hot Game Network, an internet cafe on 61st at 7th Avenue. Suspect Nelson Liu, 19, of Coney Island was began arguing with three young men while in the cafe. As they took it outside, Liu allegedly pulled a knife and began to stab the other three. He caught one in the arm, but hit an artery. The 25-year-old was rushed to Lutheran Medical Center, where he died from the injury. The two others, aged 24 and 19, were treated for wounds on their arms and back. The Post found both listed in stable condition.

Police arrested Liu, and charged him, as reported earlier, with murder and criminal possession of a weapon.



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2 responses to “Update: Sunset Park Stabbing

  1. Jason

    I know Nelson Liu’s sister (we had sexual relationship). He’s so stupid. He got into a fight with those FJ guys because of his girlfriend who isn’t attractive at all. I don’t know why they were looking at her.

  2. .lj.

    ^ what a douche.

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