(Better) Update: Sunset Park Stabbing

The stabbing that took place last Sunday, Oct. 4, does not appear to have been gang related. There have been several misunderstandings and errors on this incident, including my own, here and here. The Post and Village Voice have also reported on Sunset Park’s most recent homicide. The following is the version offered by the 72nd Precinct at the Community Council meeting of October 12th:

The incident occurred about 10:30pm on 7th Ave, near 61st Street. According to Deputy Inspector Pintos of the 72nd, Nelson Liu and his girlfriend were walking along 8th Ave when an individual came out of the Hot Game Network internet cafe and made a comment about Liu’s girlfriend. (This jibes with the comment left on this site earlier today). The comment sparked a fight between the two individuals. Liu ended up on the ground, and two friends of the man who made the comment came out. The three proceeded to beat Liu.

Liu then took out a folding knife and began to stab his three assailants, according to police. He knifed on in the right armpit, one in the left, and one across the bicep. The first man bled out at the scene. The second two were rushed to Lutheran Medical Center, where doctors saved the life of the man stabbed on his left side. The man with the bicep injury received stitches.

Police picked up Liu a few blocks from the scene. They recovered the knife, and Liu made a full confession, police said.



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