Bill Thompson Makes the Rounds at Tony’s Barber Shop

Bill Thompson greets Bloomberg supporter Tony Garofalo in Sunset Park. See the full slideshow here.

Tony’s Barber Shop was one of several stops on Bill Thompson’s October 17th stump campaign through Sunset Park.

Tony Garofalo has snipped and trimmed in Sunset Park for almost 50 years. Prices have gone up–a haircut will cost you $10 these days. Garofalo emigrated from Naples, and called Switzerland home before settling in Brooklyn.

Tony Garofalo proudly displays a Bloomberg sign in his shop window. The mayor stopped in to say hello last April, and Garofalo plans to cast his vote for the incumbent on November 3rd. That said, he seemed pleased when the Democratic challenger came to shake his hand.

A Thompson supporter popped in after the crowds hoping to sway Garofalo with her charms. Despite lively banter, she has her work cut out for her.



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3 responses to “Bill Thompson Makes the Rounds at Tony’s Barber Shop

  1. Thanks for the slideshow!

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