Where to Find: Transportation Stats

Sometimes it’s just about knowing where to look.

I try to provide a little background in my posts, but page space, like Sunset Park rental units, is at a premium.  And let’s face it–nobody likes to scroll down too far these days. In the spirit of informed readership, I’ve pointed the way to where you might find some of the basic research that puts stories in perspective. This week? Some data about New York’s transport system. Click on the facts. They take you to the source.

Space, movement, buildings and traffic all matter to Brooklynites, who call the city’s densest neighborhood home. Here’s how the city gets from A to B.

New York City spans about New York City’s land area covers approximately 305 square miles or 195,000 acres or 8.5 billion square feet. Only approximately 6.7 billion of those square feet is usable. That means that (all things divided equally, and we know how that works) each New Yorker can call 788.2 square feet her own.

In 2008, 1,623,881,369 passengers rode the New York subway. Each day, the MTA system transports New York’s 8.4 million people with its 422 rail, subway, and bus lines, 8,767 subway cars, 6,300 buses, 2,056 miles of rail and subway lines, 3,912 bus route miles. In fact, the system in an average workday moves 8,739,680. Where did those extra few 100,000 come from? Must be that bridge-and-tunnel crowd.


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