Picturing Sunset Park: Health Plus Halloween

See more of the Health Plus Halloween party here.
Each year, Health Plus sponsors a neighborhood Halloween party. This year, big kids and little ones filled the Rec Center in Sunset Park. The older crowd stuck pretty close to the bounce house, ignored by the Ping-Pong players that went about their Sunday games.
In the gym, Buzz Lightyear and a witch (aka 3-year-old Christopher and 8-year-old Lupita Flores) checked out a the scary black cat and glowing blow-up Tigger. Three-year-old Lesley Balbvena clung to her dad, Everado. “She’s a little bit scared,” he said in Spanish, smiling.
The day ended about 4pm. Health Plus representatives finished up their pizza and began to break down the haunted house. A tired ghost leaned over the banister. Parents gathered goodie bags and wrangled children. They braced themselves, opened umbrellas, and walked into the rainy Saturday afternoon.
I’m missing the names of a few of the families photographed here. I went running after people while snapping, and caught up with most. I’m working on captions now, so if you know anyone, let me know at sunsetparkchron@gmail.com. And please, if you do know them, pass along the link!

See ustedes conocen la gente en estos fotos, mande me un correo electronico (sunsetparkchron@gmail.com). Me gustaria ponder los nombres de las familias que aparencen aqui.

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