NYPD Takes Taser to Woman at 25th St M/R Stop in Brooklyn

The R/M station at 25th St and 4th Ave.

The M/R station at 25th St and 4th Ave. Picture by Jim Henderson, accessed on Wikipedia Commons.

Less that a week after the NYPD issued new rules on its use of Tasers, two NYPD officers in the 25th Street R stop in Brooklyn held a woman while a third immobilized her with a stun gun. Five other officers stood by.

A rider caught the whole thing on video, and posted it to the blog Feministing. The reader who shot the video described the incident like this:

“This morning at 11:30am a young woman was having an altercation with about 8 folks from the nypd at the R/M 25th st stop in bklyn. After it was over and she was on her way to the turn style, they came back to arrest her. When she resisted, they tasered her. Clearly, I don’t know the background, but she was one, unarmed, woman and the tasering was undeniably excessive.

It appears the video has been made private (I’m trying to get access for readers), but you can look at the comments, and at another site that mentions the incident. As you can see on Feministing, readers both support and object to the forced used by the NYPD. The website Care 2 also wrote about the incident, and its readers added to the conversation.

The 72nd Precinct (it is not clear if the officers were from that precinct) did not respond to a request for comment. I am hoping to follow-up with the Office of Public Information.

The incident comes just days after the NYPD formally ordered its officers not aim Tasers at the chest when shooting to stun. The new policy came October 18, and follows a warning by Manufacturer Taser International Inc. that chest shots may adversely affect the heart. Taser advises instead to aim at the back, chest, and abdomen.

A series of incidents nationwide have increased scrutiny on the potentially lethal effects of stun-guns. Last year, a disturbed man fell, and later died, after the NYPD shot him with a stun-gun. The officer who issued the order subsequently committed suicide.

Were you in the station on October 23rd to see the incident? Did you catch the video? Do you have experience with NYPD use of force, or Tasers? Got opinions? Leave a comment.


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