Sweet Jams Born in Sunset Park

It’s a New York story–boy gathers guitar and comes from Kentucky chasing big dreams. Sunset Park doesn’t always feature in the tale, but it did in the case of Cody Swanson, said Kentucky transplant. He joined with Maggie Carson of Static Crow, and the two make Static Crow Noisycrane, which recently recorded some 8 track rips in a Sunset Park living room. (All kinds of things are brewing in the neighborhood’s living rooms these days).

See what you think of down-home twang with a Brooklyn accent here.



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2 responses to “Sweet Jams Born in Sunset Park

  1. cody

    Hey, this is Cody, from noisycrane, thanks for the mention. I’m glad I found sunset park, and the actual park especially. Wonderful area. 🙂

    Oh, and the static crow you posted for Maggie’s page is actually someone in LA, her’s is just http://www.myspace.com/staticcrow

    Also, I’m glad to have found your blog.

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