In the News: Alleged Sex Trafficking and Two Dead in Van Fire

This is certainly not the best news having to do with Sunset Park. Nor is it the only. For a counterpoint, check out the recent posts on neighborhood spots at BestViewinBrooklyn.

Many of you may have seen the disturbing story about the arrest of alleged sex-traffickers in Sunset Park. The details of the story provided by NBC New York, the Daily News the New York Post have been grisly. Some have noted that this is not technically Sunset Park–it’s east of Ninth Avenue–but it’s been reported so in the news.

ABC local also just posted that two men died when a van caught fire under the freeway at Third Avenue and 45th Street. The van had been under the expressway for a while, and the men may have been homeless. ABC reports a pair of teens saw the car smoking and tried to help, but it burst into flames. Update Nov. 30: A preliminary investigation into the van fire on Friday that left two men dead had revealed no criminal activity, police said. The bodies found in the van have not yet been identified, nor has the precise source of the fire. Authorities believe it was an accident.



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5 responses to “In the News: Alleged Sex Trafficking and Two Dead in Van Fire

  1. This time of year always bring higher rates of monetary crimes and fires, but there seems to be a macabre twist these days.

    Very, very sad.

  2. sp local

    Any word on the shooting on 40th and 4th on thanksgiving day?

  3. jacquelyn

    The sex-trafficking incident is a true horror story, and rings even more terrifying as they worked out of an apartment just a few doors down from my own. I was totally blind to the evil that was occurring basically right next door. I wonder what happens to the 20 year old victim in this case? Is she being sheltered and given physical and psychological care? Was she deported? Is there a way to follow up on the aftermath of something like this?

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