Update: Shooting on Thanksgiving Night Leaves One Dead in Sunset Park

A man shot three times outside a local barber shop in Sunset Park, Brooklyn on Thanksgiving night died Sunday, police said.

Police found 28-year-old Samuel Oliveri in critical condition with three gunshot wounds to the neck and thigh on November 26 at about 6pm. An ambulance rushed the victim to Lutheran Medical Center. He passed away as a result of his injuries at 7:30pm on November 28, police said.

“No arrests have been made, but the investigation is ongoing,” said Deputy Inspector Jesus Raul Pintos of the 72nd Precinct. Police reported no other victims or injuries.

The shooting occurred in front of Astancia Cabana, a barber shop at 409 40th Street that is a popular neighborhood hang-out.

Update: 409 actually extends from the corner east to Astancia Cabana. It’s not clear how far up the block Oliveri walked before he was shot.

I spoke to the proprietor of the corner store on 40th and 4th Ave, who said that Oliveri had come in on Thanksgiving night to use the restroom. The 28-year-old was shot moments after leaving the store. “MG” Sam, the man behind the counter at the store, said he did not know if the shooter was in a car or on foot. The shop’s camera points on to Fourth Ave, and did not capture the violence.

No one else in the surrounding stores provided information on the incident.

It is Oliveri’s sister was also at the scene, Pintos said, but provided no more detail why the victim, who is not a resident of Sunset Park, was in the area.

Oliveri’s death marks the seventh murder in the 72nd Precinct this year, and the sixth within the past three months. At 28, Samuel Oliveri is the oldest of the six men killed since August.

Those charged have also been young. The 72nd arrested Ismael Vargas, 16, in connection with double homicide on August 30 and Nelson Liu, 19, after a fatal stabbing on October 4.

The precinct has made no arrests in the double homicide of September 20 in which a gunman opened fire on two men as they left from a Fourth Avenue restaurant. The shooting, like Oliveri’s, took place on 40th Street between Fourth and Fifth Avenues.

Updated Dec. 7 at 10:04am


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