Sunset Park Stills Takes Up the Tradition

Chaos of the Everyday, originally uploaded by josephx.

Sunset Park Stills, a local photo blog that has been going for a few months now, has done right by a neighborhood tradition.
Many of you knew and loved BestViewinBrooklyn, the blog that for a year covered the neighborhood, advising on activities, chiding litterers and taggers, cheering community, and offering a place to help locals and newbies get to know and love the Sunset Park. “What you see in Sunset Park” was one of BestView’s regular themes. From low hanging Cucurbita to multilingual reading material, the photographs offered the best view the neighborhood had into private corners and bits of life. Though the blog is no longer active, the archives are up, and a great resource.
And, with Sunset Park Stills, “what you see” lives on in this photogenic patch of Brooklyn. Check it out.

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One response to “Sunset Park Stills Takes Up the Tradition

  1. Ahhh… all caught up on sunset park’s goings on.

    Feel like I almost live there.

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