City Rolls Out Tools to Help New Yorkers Navigate Subways and Schools

*NYC schools have gone mobile: the city this week announced an upgrade to Notify NYC that will allow parents to receive updates on school emergencies, dismissals, and closures by cell phones. The upgrade to this emergency system offers subscribers real-time updates on everything from snow days to school relocations in up to five zip codes by phone, email or text message. Interested? You can subscribe here.

*Speaking of schools, you can see how your local one fared at the New York Post website. You can sort the Post’s list by name, borough and other categories. Check out your school and report back–did it make the grade? Do you think your school is better, or worse, than the score reflects? Leave a comment!

*The MTA has mounted a new site that provides real-time updates on delays and service changes to New York’s 26 subway lines, meant to help regulars in its 468 stations keep on the go.


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