In the News: Potential Changes to Legal Services, and a Look at 11220’s Netflix Queues

Legal Services Examines Structure of Legal Aid Organizations in Brooklyn, and Considers Changes

*Community leaders, representatives and non-profit executives have voiced opposition to a potential restructuring of Brooklyn’s legal services that would merge offices around the borough into a single entity, the Courier-Life reported.

The group gathered to strategize recommendations to the board of Legal Services, which will hear official plans to rework the structure of Brooklyn’s Legal Services offices at a March 9 board meeting and confirm or reject them at a meeting April 13.

Unannounced plans hint that the network of legal services may collapse into a single program run by the people of South Brooklyn, said Marty Needelman, a lawyer for North-Brooklyn based Brooklyn Legal Services Corporation A, which appears to oppose consolidation.

Legal Services NYC Executive Director Andrew Scherer told the Courier Legal Services NYC is evaluating and collecting data on existing services.

“We expect to use the information we are collecting to come up with a plan soon that will strengthen our ability to serve the clients and communities throughout Brooklyn,” Scherer told the Courier-Life. He did not go into further detail on the plans.

But many in the community feel those on the edges of the borough, or living on the edge, will find themselves forgotten if Legal Services reorganizes.

“Will people from Canarsie or Flatlands make the long trek to Downtown Brooklyn to seek legal services? I sincerely doubt so, as do the many community leaders and constituents who have sounded the alarm on this matter,” said Rep. Ed Towns (D-Williamsburg).

You’ve Got Mail: A Sneak Peek into Movie Choices, Courtesy of Netflix

* Have you seen the Curious Case of Benjamin Button? It’s the most requested movie on Netflix in the 11220 area code, according to a New York Times map of nationwide Netflix queues. Scroll through the map to see how 11220 and other nearby zip codes felt about the 100 most rented films, from Pineapple Express to The Wrestler, the 7th most rented movie in the 11220. You can compare Sunset Park’s taste against that of critics, too. I wondered as a perused if this spoke as much to Netflix use as movie taste. As far as I can tell, the map does not note the number of subscribers within a given area.

Correction: An earlier version of this story misspelled “queue” as “que.”


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