Sunset Park Chron features stories about Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Sunset Park often goes under-covered in local media, only making the news when something goes very right–like a $10 million dollar grant–or very wrong–like a double murder. This blog aggregates news along those lines, and aims to add original reporting to the big stories.

But it’s also about the character of the neighborhood. Sunset Park has long attracted New York’s newest residents, from Norwegians to Fujianese. It’s also a place where people stay. Tony’s Barber Shop, which has occupied the same building for a century. Joseph Vieni has tossed pies at Charlies Pizza for nearly 50 years. Many residents are born and raised in the area, which spans from the Upper New York Bay to 8th Avenue, and northward from 65th Street to…well, that’s up for debate.

Lisa Riordan Seville is a Master’s candidate at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. Sunset Park is her beat.

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