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Tabula Rasa Gallery Hosts A Fundraiser for Haiti

Last week a devastating earthquake hit Haiti, demolishing the capital, Port-au-Prince, and crippling areas throughout the troubled country. Thousands died. One week later, a 6.1 aftershock made a tragic situation worse. In the midst of looting, hunger and torn families, NPR found one story with a bright spot–an employee and a guest trapped in pitch-dark elevator shafts side by side. They kept one another company, offered hope and survived. In that same spirit…

The Tabula Rasa gallery is asking Sunset Park and those throughout the city to reach out to strangers miles away to help raise funds this Saturday, January 23 from 1-4:30 pm. All the money raised will go to charity.

Local artists are donating work to be auctioned from the gallery at Saturday’s event. The back room presentation space will be used to hang the work in a display which will be constantly “turning over” as donations are made and new art replaces work being taken.

Anyone writing a check of $75.00 DIRECTLY to one of the designated charities can select an artwork 11″ x 14″ or smaller. Anyone donating $150.00 can select from these or a larger works. Any and all contributions are welcome. For those who can’t give, the gallery is also looking for volunteers for the event.

Tabula Rasa Gallery, 224 48th Street between Second and Third Avenues in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.


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Picturing Sunset Park: Winter Afternoon

View from Sunset Park, Brooklyn at 4:30pm on Monday, January 18, 2010.

Looking at Bush Terminal from Sunset Park, Brooklyn. January 18, 2010 at about 4:30 pm.

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What To Do This Weekend in Sunset Park: An About Face

Image by Clarity Haynes, on view at Tabula Rasa Gallery in Sunset Park.

Ready to switch up the regular Saturday afternoon routine?

Tabula Rasa, an art gallery that shows the work of new and established Brooklyn-based artists, is finishing up a group show called “About Face.” Stop by the show, hung in a turn-of-the-century carriage house, to see portraits and portrayals in various media before it closes on January 23rd. Tabula Rasa, 244 48th Street between Second and Third Avenues. Gallery open Thursday through Saturday 1-5pm, and by appointment.

Anything else happening in the neighborhood this weekend? Let us know (and include time, place, and date) at


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Sunset Park Stills Takes Up the Tradition

Chaos of the Everyday, originally uploaded by josephx.

Sunset Park Stills, a local photo blog that has been going for a few months now, has done right by a neighborhood tradition.

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What To Do This Weekend In Sunset Park: Recycle, Reduce, Reuse

Warrior Politics (2008). Used motor oil mixed media on paper

By coincidence, the Sunset Park-themed events this weekend all have a green bent. Given that it is apparently emerging as the “newest, biggest, fastest-changing neighborhood” according to the Brooklyn Eagle, that it is avant garde should be no surprise. You can take or leave the Eagle’s claim, but certainly take the neighborhood up on these free events.

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Picturing Sunset Park: After Sunset by Photographer Evan Sklar

Video Arcade, 2009. By Evan Sklar.

Brooklyn-based photographer Evan Sklar went shooting in Sunset Park this weekend, and caught this video-arcade patron doing the same.

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Sweet Jams Born in Sunset Park

It’s a New York story–boy gathers guitar and comes from Kentucky chasing big dreams. Sunset Park doesn’t always feature in the tale, but it did in the case of Cody Swanson, said Kentucky transplant. He joined with Maggie Carson of Static Crow, and the two make Static Crow Noisycrane, which recently recorded some 8 track rips in a Sunset Park living room. (All kinds of things are brewing in the neighborhood’s living rooms these days).

See what you think of down-home twang with a Brooklyn accent here.


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