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In the News: Ortiz Seeks Higher Office and Threat to Sunset Park Post

Assemblymember Felix W. Ortiz, image from

*Assemblyman Ortiz Looks Up
For Felix W. Ortiz (D), time has come for the Latino community to make its presence known in New York politics–and Ortiz thinks he can make that happen.
“The Democrats and Republican parties need to have a clear understanding of the major role that Hispanics are playing in politics today,” he told City Hall News. Continue reading

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In Sunset Park, Affordable Housing is in the Eye of the Lease Holder

For 13 years the Vazquez family has watched Sunset Park change from the window of their three-bedroom apartment on 55th Street. This year, the shifting tides of New York real estate hit home.

Developer Galla Condominiums recently bought and converted to condominiums a dozen apartments in the 16-unit building at 546 55th Street where Carmen and Alex Vazquez live with their children. Each unit that goes up for sale marks one less rent-stabilized apartment in a neighborhood where such units are scarce.

As the number of rent stabilized units dwindle, long term residents find themselves living surrounded by housing that rents and sells at rates far beyond what many longtime and new immigrant residents in this working-class neighborhood can afford. Continue reading

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Letter from the Blogger: Brownfields

Plan for the Bush Terminal Pier Park, image from the New York City Economic Development Corporation

I’ve noticed a lot of interest recently in a rather old post on the $10 million dollars allotted for brownfield development along the Sunset Park waterfront. I’m guessing it may have been sparked by the recent announcement that the city may take control of the Brooklyn Bridge Park, as the state does not have the funds to meet the challenge. If you’re curious what this means for the unfinished Bush Terminal Pier Park on Sunset Park’s shore (one piece of a larger Waterfront Vision Plan for the area), so am I.

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Community Board 7’s Holiday Gift Drive

Best View in Brooklyn asked me to post this flyer for Community Board 7 holiday gift drive. As everyone knows, this year is hard all over. Almost 25 percent of Sunset Park lives below the poverty line. Those are the official numbers. For those that can afford to give time or donations, this gift drive  offers one opportunity. Community groups around the neighborhood and food pantries present another. If you know of other drives to  help those in need, please let me know. I’ll happily post it for the community.

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The New York Times Tells the Story of Sunset Park Native Jocelyn Morales

Senior year leaves its mark on any high school student. For Jocelyn Morales, it was life-changing. It was the year she had her son Angel.

Morales hadn’t planned to get pregnant, but wasn’t willing to get the abortion Angel’s father suggested. “I had a choice,” she told the New York Times, “and I chose to be a parent.”

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Voices from the Recession: Restaurant Owner in Flushing

This is a little off the Sunset Park track, but with Obama in China and Flushing only a “dollar van” ride away I thought I’d pass this along:

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The Mapping Project: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Picture 16

Thanks to readers for the recommendations on popular spots to grab a bite in the neighborhood. Click map above or here to find favorite places to eat tacos, have a slice, grab a sweet treat for breakfast and slurp hot noodle soup. Have we missed any of your favorites? Leave a comment and I’ll add it to the map.


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