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Moving on Up: Sunset Park Chronicled Gets New Website

Dear Readers,

Sunset Park Chronicled is moving! You can find all the old content, and a few new things, at

Though still in its beta infancy, the website allows for better multimedia content and, hopefully, better navigation for readers. But to maximize the advantages, I have to hear from you. What do you like? What do you hate? Do you find the categories helpful?

I am working through a few issues with images on the homepage, but I hope soon to have that kinks ironed out. As always, send feedback through comments or emails to




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Letter from the Blogger: Big Issues, and Questionable Commentary

Awnings along Fifth Avenue show history, and change.

The character of Sunset Park comes from its buildings, its park, but primarily from its people.  On my walks through the streets, I hear the soft y’s of Caribbean Spanish from Puerto Rico, the rhythm of Mexican slang, the musical highs and lows of Mandarin and Fujianese, all mixed with that ubiquitous Brooklynese. Yet access remains perhaps the biggest challenge to reporting in Sunset Park.

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Letter from the Blogger: Brownfields

Plan for the Bush Terminal Pier Park, image from the New York City Economic Development Corporation

I’ve noticed a lot of interest recently in a rather old post on the $10 million dollars allotted for brownfield development along the Sunset Park waterfront. I’m guessing it may have been sparked by the recent announcement that the city may take control of the Brooklyn Bridge Park, as the state does not have the funds to meet the challenge. If you’re curious what this means for the unfinished Bush Terminal Pier Park on Sunset Park’s shore (one piece of a larger Waterfront Vision Plan for the area), so am I.

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Letter from the Blogger: Safe Streets

Pedestrian crosses Fourth Avenue at 54th Street. This six-land road, an artery for traffic passing along Brooklyn's west side, makes for dangerous crossing.

Yesterday, an SUV fatally struck Hugo Jansen as he crossed Fourth Avenue near 46th Street. The grandfather was, said witnesses, crossing against the light.* I would venture to say most in the neighborhood have. It’s cold. It’s a busy time of year. We all want to rush home.

At the risk of editorializing, I’d like to ask everyone to wait for the walk signal. Continue reading


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Letter from the Blogger: Help Report on the McDonald’s Protest

Dear Readers,

I’m hoping to report on the gathering planned outside the Fifth Avenue McDonald’s today, November 24th at 1:30pm to protest the alleged beating of Luis Montalvan. I’m not sure, however, that I will get there in time–so I’m turning to you.

If any of take pictures or speak to the organizers, please send your reporting into Include the names of sources, your name and any other relevant information. If you have an opinion on the issue, post a comment or send an email and tell us what you think. I’ll create a post using the community’s coverage.




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