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In the News: Ortiz Seeks Higher Office and Threat to Sunset Park Post

Assemblymember Felix W. Ortiz, image from

*Assemblyman Ortiz Looks Up
For Felix W. Ortiz (D), time has come for the Latino community to make its presence known in New York politics–and Ortiz thinks he can make that happen.
“The Democrats and Republican parties need to have a clear understanding of the major role that Hispanics are playing in politics today,” he told City Hall News. Continue reading

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Sunset Park in the News: Local Teens and Councilwoman Gonzalez Toss Around Their Weight

Two Sunset Park-related articles caught my eye recently.

The New York Times did a great piece on the Ardon Sweet Science Gym, the last boxing gym left in Sunset Park. Pat Russo used to run another gym at the Sunset Park Rec Center. The Parks Department ousted the ring from the Sunset Park Rec Center in 2007 to make room for an after-school program. Don’t miss the slideshow that accompanies the story.

The Brooklyn Eagle featured a run down of what city council member spent in their recent campaigns for office. The quarter-million dollar figures seem like chump change when compared with the whopping $100 million that Bloomberg shelled out in his race for a third term. That said, it’s always interesting to see how much people think their seat is worth. Councilwoman Sara Gonzalez of Sunset Park made the list; according to the Eagle, she spent $232,858 during her successful bid to stay in office.

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Community Board 7 To Hold Hearing on Playpen Liquor License

Community Board 7 will hold a Public Hearing this coming Wednesday, December 9, on a liquor license for Peyton’s Playpen. The Playpen’s application has apparently been a point of contention–check out the Best View in Brooklyn archives to read about Sunset Park Alliance of Neighbors (SPAN) rally against the club and questions about adult businesses in the area.

Below find information on the hearing:

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Small Crowd Protests for Vet Outside 5th Ave McDonald’s

NY1 captured a sparse but passionate crowd gathered yesterday to support decorated Iraq War Veteran allegedly harassed and beaten by McDonald’s employees in Sunset Park. Luis Montalvan, the disabled veteran who said he was mistreated by employees at the Fifth Ave restaurant, made a statement excoriating the company for its treatment of the disabled and violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

“McDonald’s should be ashamed of themselves,” Montalvan said. “They should be ashamed of their mistreatment of people with disabilities.”

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Bloomberg Loses Brooklyn, Wins New York

As predicted, Mayor Michael Bloomberg swung a third term in yesterday’s election. But it was no easy jog to the finish; the incumbent squeezed through by a margin of just five percentage points.

Sunset Park had a hand in the tight race. There’s no evidence of trampa, yet it appears Jose Sanchez had at least some things right when he predicted that Bill Thompson would win the popular vote. Thompson did–in Brooklyn.

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After the Marathon, the Race to the Mayor’s Office


Bill Thompson (right) shakes hands at opening of his Sunset Park campaign office. Fernando Ferrer (left) ran against Bloomberg in 2005.

It’s election day, and New Yorkers throughout the city are gearing up for (or blowing off) their trip to the polls.

“I’m voting not so much for Bloomberg as against Thompson,” said Melinda Hernandez, who with her husband Miguel owns Munchy’s Coffee Shop on 5th Avenue and 53rd street. “I think it’s a tough city, and you need someone tough.”

Hernandez has a Latinos for Bloomberg poster in her window, and believes the mayor has managed the city well. Even so, she said Bloomberg hasn’t been the best for mom and pop stores. “We get nickle and dimed like you would not believe,” said Hernandez. It’s not just the shops. “I think it’s difficult everywhere,” Hernandez added. “It’s going to take a long time to recover.”

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Bill Thompson Makes the Rounds at Tony’s Barber Shop

Bill Thompson greets Bloomberg supporter Tony Garofalo in Sunset Park. See the full slideshow here.


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