City Rolls Out Tools to Help New Yorkers Navigate Subways and Schools

*NYC schools have gone mobile: the city this week announced an upgrade to Notify NYC that will allow parents to receive updates on school emergencies, dismissals, and closures by cell phones. The upgrade to this emergency system offers subscribers real-time updates on everything from snow days to school relocations in up to five zip codes by phone, email or text message. Interested? You can subscribe here.

*Speaking of schools, you can see how your local one fared at the New York Post website. You can sort the Post’s list by name, borough and other categories. Check out your school and report back–did it make the grade? Do you think your school is better, or worse, than the score reflects? Leave a comment!

*The MTA has mounted a new site that provides real-time updates on delays and service changes to New York’s 26 subway lines, meant to help regulars in its 468 stations keep on the go.


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What To Do This Weekend in Sunset Park: An About Face

Image by Clarity Haynes, on view at Tabula Rasa Gallery in Sunset Park.

Ready to switch up the regular Saturday afternoon routine?

Tabula Rasa, an art gallery that shows the work of new and established Brooklyn-based artists, is finishing up a group show called “About Face.” Stop by the show, hung in a turn-of-the-century carriage house, to see portraits and portrayals in various media before it closes on January 23rd. Tabula Rasa, 244 48th Street between Second and Third Avenues. Gallery open Thursday through Saturday 1-5pm, and by appointment.

Anything else happening in the neighborhood this weekend? Let us know (and include time, place, and date) at


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In Sunset Park, Affordable Housing is in the Eye of the Lease Holder

For 13 years the Vazquez family has watched Sunset Park change from the window of their three-bedroom apartment on 55th Street. This year, the shifting tides of New York real estate hit home.

Developer Galla Condominiums recently bought and converted to condominiums a dozen apartments in the 16-unit building at 546 55th Street where Carmen and Alex Vazquez live with their children. Each unit that goes up for sale marks one less rent-stabilized apartment in a neighborhood where such units are scarce.

As the number of rent stabilized units dwindle, long term residents find themselves living surrounded by housing that rents and sells at rates far beyond what many longtime and new immigrant residents in this working-class neighborhood can afford. Continue reading

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Letter from the Blogger: Big Issues, and Questionable Commentary

Awnings along Fifth Avenue show history, and change.

The character of Sunset Park comes from its buildings, its park, but primarily from its people.  On my walks through the streets, I hear the soft y’s of Caribbean Spanish from Puerto Rico, the rhythm of Mexican slang, the musical highs and lows of Mandarin and Fujianese, all mixed with that ubiquitous Brooklynese. Yet access remains perhaps the biggest challenge to reporting in Sunset Park.

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Letter from the Blogger: Nuts, Bolts and Site Upgrades

Several of you have written in the past to ask if Sunset Park Chronicled had a feed. Now it does.

In fact, you have several options for keeping up with the posts here. Just over to the right you may subscribe to the post and/or comments feed (—->).

For those of you who aren’t on the feed/reader train, you may opt for email updates. There are more tweaks on the horizon. Stay tuned.

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Sunset Park Stills Takes Up the Tradition

Chaos of the Everyday, originally uploaded by josephx.

Sunset Park Stills, a local photo blog that has been going for a few months now, has done right by a neighborhood tradition.

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In the News: City Settles with Sunset Park Woman Falsely Arrested for Prostitution

The city will pay $35,000 to Sunset Park resident Monica Gonzalez, falsely arrested for prostitution in 2007, the Daily News reported.

Officer Sean Spencer apprehended the 41-year-old as she walked on Third Ave toward Lutheran Medical Center to seek help for an asthma attack at 2:30 am on the night of November 8th.

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