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Picturing Sunset Park(ing): Evan Sklar Sees Cars

Sunset Park(ing). Who doesn’t love a clever pun?

Evan Sklar, the photographer who did the great series in Sunset Park a few weeks ago, doesn’t mind him one. In his most recent blogpost, dubbed “Sunset Parked”, he returned to focus on the neighborhood’s well-wheeled set.

The subject is apt. The colorful characters in the neighborhood like this plumbing truck (?!) certainly merit a double take.

You wouldn’t know to look at these bright subjects, but parking brings out the fierceness in local residents. I’ve mentioned commuter vans raising the ire of some, but locals who live on the east side of Fifth Avenue get heated about parking in general. Orange cones and garbage cans double as parking-spot holders. More than one argument has broken out over prime curbside real-estate. Parking problems stemming from street sweeping policies in the neighborhood also get car-owners riled up (more on that soon).

Do you know of a Sunset Park ride that missed its 15 minutes? Send a picture to sunsetparkchron@gmail.com.

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Commuter “Van Wars” Heat Up in Sunset Park

Click on the map above for a larger view of commuter van stops

Click on the map above for a larger view of commuter van stops

Updated 16 Oct, 2009

Things are tough in Sunset Park. A quarter of the South Brooklyn neighborhood’s residents live below the poverty line. Since August 31st, 5 men under 25 have been murdered, 4 in gang-related violence. At the 72nd Precinct’s Community Council on Tuesday, things got heated–about vans.

“Dollar Vans” are big business in Brooklyn’s Chinatown. For $2.50, they’ll take you to Manhattan. For $4, you can make it to Flushing. The growing Chinese community along 8th Ave depends upon this service daily. More than 60 licensed vans appear each morning to shuttle people through the city.

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