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In the News: Ortiz Seeks Higher Office and Threat to Sunset Park Post

Assemblymember Felix W. Ortiz, image from http://felixwortiz.com/

*Assemblyman Ortiz Looks Up
For Felix W. Ortiz (D), time has come for the Latino community to make its presence known in New York politics–and Ortiz thinks he can make that happen.
“The Democrats and Republican parties need to have a clear understanding of the major role that Hispanics are playing in politics today,” he told City Hall News. Continue reading

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In Sunset Park, Affordable Housing is in the Eye of the Lease Holder

For 13 years the Vazquez family has watched Sunset Park change from the window of their three-bedroom apartment on 55th Street. This year, the shifting tides of New York real estate hit home.

Developer Galla Condominiums recently bought and converted to condominiums a dozen apartments in the 16-unit building at 546 55th Street where Carmen and Alex Vazquez live with their children. Each unit that goes up for sale marks one less rent-stabilized apartment in a neighborhood where such units are scarce.

As the number of rent stabilized units dwindle, long term residents find themselves living surrounded by housing that rents and sells at rates far beyond what many longtime and new immigrant residents in this working-class neighborhood can afford. Continue reading

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In the News: Sunset Park Students and Local Muscian Greta Gertler Sing Happy Tunes

For those of you pondering the provenience of those sweet tunes floating over Fifth Avenue this month, the The Daily News provided an answer. The Sunset Park BID has since Black Friday piped holiday tunes sung by 300 local children over the busy corridor. The Sunset Park Business Improvement District collected the 50 multi-lingual songs at seven local schools over the course of two months, the Daily News reported. “Any holiday music would be festive but hearing your own children sing is even better,” Renee Giordano, BID executive director, told the Daily News.

In other musical news:

The Brooklyn Paper reported that it helped Greta Gertler, a musician based in Sunset Park, raise $15,000 to produce her upcoming record. Some journalists have like Gertler taken to “crowd sourcing” on sites such as Kickstarter. Gertler used the site to drum up funds for her upcoming album “The Universal Thump.” Her biggest contributor will get custom-composed song in exchange for the $2,000 donation. You can find more on Greta Gertler at her website.

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