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The Center For Family Life Offers Training and Opporunity for a New Career

Sunset Park-based non-profit the Center for Family Life has a new initiative called The Cosmetology School Project. Targeted at low-income individuals, the program hopes to provide a path to full-time employment for New Yorkers currently un- or underemployed.

Training will begin at one of two four-week training sessions, the first in February and another in April. Participants then enroll in an eight month cosmetology program. Applicants must be 17 or older, and hold a high school diploma, GED or demonstrate math and reading skills at an 8th grade level.

The program is completely free of charge. To find out more, you may visit the website or call 718-633-4823.


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Picturing Sunset Park: Graphically

Picture 3 The windows at a school on 36th Street shone bright against the dark sky. The city turned back its clocks last week,  and night now falls before schools have closed up shop.

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Police in Sunset Park Promote Gang Awareness, and Confront Roadblocks

Do you know of neighborhood services that have helped you, or people who you know, through gang issues? Leave the information in the comments or email it to sunsetparkchron@gmail.com.

On August 30th, Deputy Inspector Jesus Raul Pintos sat in his office. He felt good. Crime was down in the 72nd Precinct. He had only one murder on his books for 2009. One day later, he had three.

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